Kite Design

The Satellite Kite; an object created to connect the user with Outer Space. When thinking about Outer Space, one of the first things that come to my mind are the astronauts. Even though they are using all that heavy the equipment, they are flying; they have a freedom of movement. It is this feeling I wanted to capture, and one way I thought of doing this is by creating a kite. When I see kites fly, they remind me of astronauts in the way that they move from left to right and up and down, all in slow motion. There is a feeling of calm when looking at the astronauts which can also be felt when flying a kite. Recently, I saw an article about a Japanese project to release a kite into Outer Space. Future versions of such kites, like satellites, may be used to gather images of Earth. The kites I have made in this series are intended to reflect such a development by having images from Earth printed on their simple structures.

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