Sao Paulo City Branding

This project is for the purpose of creating a visual identity for the city of Sao Paulo, and in doing so to explore the possibilities offered by socio-cultural elements for visual identity design and place branding. CONCEPT: To express the idea of how important Sao Paulo is for one country, I started to visualize Sao Paulo as a beating heart that keeps the country alive, and to represent it with the pulse waves on an electrocardiogram. The image is intended to convey vitality and be associated with a heart pumping blood through a body to keep it alive, just as Sao Paulo has a key role in the very life that could easily have become a grey concrete jungle, lacking the energy and the happiness of colours. Fortunately, however, street artists have kept the city alive, using their talents and creativity in beautiful and colourful ways to transform what would otherwise be the grey walls of the city. In doing so, their urban art has become an internationally recognized feature or icon of the city. By taking these two elements, a heart beating and urban art, my intention was to create a unique visual language to convey the special nature of Sao Paulo, a city that, despite obstacles, plays a vital role in today’s Brazil.

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