Mandela Poster Design

Nelson Mandela’s Poster Design Competition 2013 A collection of 95 posters Awarded: Winner This project was a competition to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday and his life’s contribution to humanity by creating a poster. The projects aim was to collect 95 exceptional posters from around the world and collate them into an online publication and traveling exhibition. This poster was one of the winning designs that was selected to be part of an official collection of 95 posters that will be donated to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust and aid in the establishment of a dedicated children’s hospital in Johannesburg. CONCEPT : My idea was to represent the map of Africa lined in paint splatters with Mandela’s face coming from the right, looking to the future. The left side of the image is black and white representing apartheid past. This black and white, then turns into colours representing life, full of color. Following the competition, this poster was chosen to be published in TRANSITION MAGAZINE, a publication of the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute at HARVARD UNIVERSITY. Transition is a unique forum for fresh perspectives on global issues, literature and art, cultures and people, with an emphasis on Africa and the Diaspora. The collection will eventually be produced into a book to be published. The books will be sold as an additional means to raise funds for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust. The 95 posters have so far been exhibited in the below countries: GREECE, SLOVENIA, AUSTRALIA, RUSSIA, AUSTRIA, SOUTH AFRICA, CANADA and SPAIN. The exhibition has also featured on CNN, BBC, Sky News, CNS news channels and prominent newspapers, radio stations and many other international news websites around the world such as Washington Post and the Boston Herald.

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