HUGO BOSS (Visual Display Campaign) 2015

VISUAL MERCHANDISE C O N C E P T Thinking about Christmas, the first thing that comes into my mind is that there is a special feeling or “spirit” associated with the Christmas season. This ethereal spirit reflects many aspects, including our celebrations, joyful gatherings, giving and receiving, and simply enjoying the magic of the season. And when the season comes to an end, the spirit moves on leaving us with happy memories. When I visualise the spirit of Christmas coming and going, I see it firstly as a wind which moves from place to place around the world, bringing anticipation, excitement and joy. I also associate the spirit with light, which conveys happiness and new life. In translating my concept of the spirit of Christmas into a physical form, I have attempted to convey these essential elements of movement and light. At the same time, I have sought to do this in a manner which reflects the elements of the new Boss Visual Merchandising DNA.

The lighting feature is creating an ELEGANT and SENSUAL form to express the Spirit of Christmas. To emphasis the Spirits movement the light reacts, with sound, to people walking by on the street.  This movement in light creates UNEXPECTED MOMENTS, to the people passing by.
The Lighting feature could be produced using beautiful glass bulbs made in the HIGHEST QUALITY & CRAFTSMANSHIP. The colour of the lights are to be in an amber colour creating a warm glow to draw people into the window. The Spirit of Christmas (the lighting feature), flows behind the mannequins, drawing attention to them and giving them presents.
The face recognition screen is one way to interact with the user from out on the street, into the window.
The users face is captured by photograph on a screen at the window, and their photo is then transfered onto a mannequins head. This gives a PLAYFUL  experience for the user to feel part of Hugo Boss World. This is a interactive element that has a MODERN touch.
The dramatic contrast between the warm glow of the lighting feature and the light background gives a CONFIDENT environment for the mannequins to be expressed in.
The accessories display plinths are to reflect the lighting feature by also being made from glass. This glass, along with the antique bronze top gives the window a feeling of LUXURY.
Antique bronze coloured metal strings are used to hang each light bulb to the ceiling.
The light bulbs are made of glass with a warm amber tint so that they give off a warm glow and stand out from the light background.
To emphasis the Spirits Movement, the Light reacts, along with sound, to people walking by on the street. 
The map in the background represents the journey the Spirit of Christmas makes around the world. The material: The map is produced in is a high gloss paint finish to reflect the light of the Spirit of Christmas.
Amber: to give warm glow and a sophisticate feeling.
White: to give the feeling of snow and Christmas.
These are to be painted with an antique bronze finish to reflect the amber colour in the lighting feature.
To hold the accessories, plinths are to be made from amber coloured glass tubes that match the lighting feature. Being clear at the bottom and amber at the top, there is a feeling of movement and an association with candles. The top of the plinth is to be in antique bronze to give a solid plate for the accessories to sit on.
The base of the window is to have a white carpet placed on it. This will give a warmth to the space (even though it is white) making the window feel homely.
A screen on the window contains a high-tech face recognition image capturing device that can be used to transfer the face photograph of a person on the street, onto a screen on the mannequin. Connecting the people outside into the window and making them feel like they are part of the window and part of the Hugo Boss World.
To modify the flagship store window to be suitable for a more low-tech or smaller store, the following adjustments can be made:
The lights representing the Spirit of Christmas can remain on but only with simple changes in lighting intensity (similar to the flicker of fairy lights). 
This will therefor continue to give the feeling of movement. The motion sensor element of the design however, will be removed. 
The face recognition image capturing device used to transfer a face of a person on the street, onto a screen on
the mannequin, will be removed. 
The glass used in the feature light and display plinths can be changed to acrylic.
This high-tech element of the window gives a feeling of surprise and pushes the user to see the merchandise beyond the window.
By interacting with a passer by their face is captured and they become that much closer to the Spirit of Christmas.
The experience starts by the user stopping in front of the window screen and pressing on the glass to activate a photo of their face to be taken. After a few moments, the users photo is transfered onto one of the mannequins digital screen heads. The image of that user will then fade way after 2 minutes like the Spirit the Christmas passing through.
The feature lights will be connected to motion sensors on the street. As a person gets close to the window, a camera will detect their movement and translate this information into a lighting affect that follows the persons along the window front.
Therefor allowing the user to interact with the “Spirit of Christmas”.
To further enhance this connection with the window, sound can also be attached to the motion sensors. Joining the lights journey, the sound of wind and bells add to the feeling of movement and Christmas. 
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