Album Design"Liminalondon"

Album Design Competition 2014 (Central Saint Martins) Artwork Design for the album “Liminalondon” Awarded: First Place Winner CD Cover, CD Wallet Design and CD Booklet pages. This project was a live competition for a music albums artwork. The competition was available to all students at Central Saint Martins College, London. THE ALBUM: “Liminalondon” is a sonic impression of a day-in-the-life of the Capital, with ten acoustic-electronica tracks blending with field recordings that have been made around the city to describe a “Psychogeographer’s” journey around London. THE DESIGN CONCEPT: Being a local resident living in North London, I wanted to capture the vibe of the area with it’s relaxed, slightly retro edge. One way in which I did this is by layering faded colours. After listening to the music, I also wanted to capture the calm feeling of nature which is an important part of living in the area. The font used for Liminalondon was chosen to connect it to the design of the Archway bridge in North London. The font for Dai Watts name, has more of an electro design to it expressing a connection to the electro-acoustic sound of the music. Even though both are different fonts, they compliment each other in their style and structure.

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