Typography "Alphabet and Abstraction"

ALPHABET AND ABSTRACTION Brief: Exploring non-standard form and layout to reflect the rhythm of reading and/ or the structure of writing. To create a 32 page self-cover book where 26 of the pages feature an abstracted version of each letter of the alphabet. IDEAS After carrying out my research, I decided to focus on looking at the negative space of a letter and see if it can still be recognised once you take away the letter itself. I experimented with both capital letters and lowercase letters and different styles of lettering, Eventually I decided to use lowercase lettering as they developed more interesting shapes. PROCESS A stencil of the letter was created and with the negative spaces removed. Light was projected through the stencil onto a wall and the image was photographed. The photograph of the negative spaces was put into the computer. The final letter was created by inverting the original colour. The original colour was yellow each because I used yellow light after inverted the colour as a negative, became blue. FINAL OUTCOME The final outcome resulted in the letters not only being made from the negative, but also having the feeling of the negative. In conclusion, I think it is very interesting how you can analise a letter and see how far you can push it and still have it recognizable as a letter.

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